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 A Broad Abroad in Iran

An Expat’s Misadventures in the Land of Male Dominance
(During the Revolution)

A Broad Abroad in Iran

It’s July, 1977, in Esfahan, Iran, one year before the bloody start of the revolution, and two years before the U.S. Embassy take-over, when expatriate Dodie Cross finds herself in a strange world, somewhere between the Old Testament and the Space Age.

Her life takes on twists and turns as she tries to acclimate to the soaring changes in temperature and altitude, culture and attitude. She suffers indignities as she’s pinched on the bum at the bazaar; grabbed on the breast by a motorcycle passenger — who doesn’t let go for a block — as she crosses the street with her arms weighted down with groceries; chased and rocked by angry country dwellers as she soars down a whitewater river in a raft, and comes across the stoning of an adulterous woman in a place she should never have been: the bowels of the bazaar.
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A Broad Abroad in Thailand

An Expat’s Misadventures in the Land of Smiles

Abroad in ThailandFollow the adventures of this newlywed expat as she tries to settle into her new home and a life full of challenges she could not have foreseen. Her troubles begin soon after her arrival in this exotic land: from the eastern squat toilet that she must learn to use, to the auto accident on the deadly Sukhumvit Highway that should have taken her life, to the final insult—bladder surgery performed by an inscrutable Thai doctor who decided to surgically restore her virginity, and an intolerant nurse who is after her with a vengeance—and an enema tube.
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“…an absolute must for travelers. Whether you’ve done a full expatriate stint in the third world or a weekend-gone-amok south of the border, A Broad Abroad evokes the hilarity and horrors of life without the amenities—to say the least.”

“Dodie Cross succeeds in mixing laugh-out-loud humor with real-life drama in her look at life in a place very different from what is normal to most westerners. … A good read for anyone; a must-read for those who have ever lived abroad.”

“…such raucous good humor! Write on!”

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