Critters and Book Signings

An Awesome Place to Sit and Dream!

What a beau­ti­ful set­ting.  Right on the water’s edge, with skies so bright and clear it makes your heart sing! My long-time friend, Bar­bara, who hosted the book sign­ing for me, lives in Las Gavio­tas, an Amer­i­can com­plex about ten miles from Rosar­ito Beach.  I met up with her in San Diego, left my car there and we drove to her home in Mex­ico.  When I entered her house I was greeted by one half-pint mutt who had the huevos of a Dober­man Pin­cer, but who weighed at the most six pounds, includ­ing tags and col­lar.  Her three cats loped up to me, sniffed, obvi­ously smelled my puppy on my shoes and turned tail as if not inter­ested.  That is until I sat down later that night and worked on an afghan I’m knit­ting for my daugh­ter.  Obvi­ously they had planned their attack, as they came as one: the first cat, with only three legs but gets around like a dervish, jumped onto the back of my chair and thumped his tail into my head; the sec­ond cat jumped straight up and landed in the mid­dle of my afghan and took a quick bite of my knit­ting nee­dles; the third one, a small grey kit­ten, tried to jump up, made it as far as my knees, then slid down with a piece of yarn in his mouth, which pulled off four stitches.  Well, so much for knit­ting with those wild ani­mals around.

I decided to work on my lap­top.  The three of them watched me from a dis­tance as I opened my lap­top and began typ­ing.  Before I knew what hit me, two jumped on the sofa, meow­ing and rub­bing against me, while the third jumped on my lap­top, with his paws on the key­board, and began to delete every­thing I’d just writ­ten.  Then the other two joined in and tried to catch the mouse on the screen which was jump­ing with quick thrusts of their furry lit­tle paws. I closed my lap­top, grabbed a mag­a­zine and they curled up on my lap.  Okay, nighty-night.

Today went a bit bet­ter, with the lit­tle mutt chas­ing the three cats around in cir­cles, over sofas, under sofa tables, across my lap..well, you get the pic­ture.  But before the guests arrived we put all the lit­tle crit­ters into a bedroom.

The Las Gaviotas Gang

The Book Sign­ing was hugely suc­cess­ful.  Almost every­one present had seen the movie, ARGO, and was cap­ti­vated by my sto­ries of liv­ing in Iran.  Because of what’s going on in that coun­try, plus see­ing the movie, peo­ple are going to be curi­ous, which hope­fully will bring read­ers to my book. I think we as Americans need to know more about people so different from us in culture, but just like us when it comes to wanting happy, healthy children, love  and comfortable lives. Unfortunately, they don’t have much say in any of that.

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