Face Your Fears, otherwise known as put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye

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“Face your fears,” the psychologists tell you. “Say to yourself I’m safe. Visualize yourself taking off and landing safely.” However, they’re sitting in a nice, air-conditioned office or in a TV studio spouting this philosophy, while you’re suspended in a metal sphere 35,000 feet above the ground, which at any moment could plummet to earth. I’m still amazed that people can sleep on a plane. It ticks me off when the passenger in the seat next to me sits, buckles up, leans back, closes his eyes, and doesn’t open them until they feel the plane set down. How do they do that? My husband used to say that they had a clear conscience. Right!

I remember a friend once told me before I boarded my flight to Iran in the 70s: “Relax! If it’s not your time, it’s not your time. BUT,” he added as I thanked him for making me feel better, “it could be the pilot’s time.”

I’ve always hated flying into SFO. It’s terrifying for a “white-knuckler” like me. I’m flying to Oregon in 19 days on Alaska Air, and of course the flight stops in SFO and comes in on that freaking, terrifying runway. So close to the water you hold your breath until you feel the wheels touch down on solid ground. Then you’re still tense until you hear the brakes take hold and don’t relax until you feel the plane come to a stop. I wonder if there is an airline that flies non-stop to Oregon.

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