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  • Press Release, A Broad Abroad in Thailand
  • Possible Questions for Reviewers:
    1. What year were you in Thailand and what made you go?
    2. What did you like about the country, and why?
    3. Did you find it hard to acclimate to the weather and the culture?
    4. How do the Thai people react to visitors? Did you feel welcome?
    5. What was the most important thing you brought home with you in terms of how to live in a foreign country?
    6. Why did you wait so long to write the book?
    7. What awards have you received for your book?
    8. Are you going to write another book? What is the name of it?
    9. Have you returned to Thailand, or will you be going back?
    10. Do you have any thoughts that would help our listeners who want to travel to Thailand, or any foreign country?

Radio interview with Katie Orr of WXVU, aired 8 December 2007
Online interview with Norm Goldman of, 4 January 2008
Radio interview with Juanita Watson of Inside Scoop Live, 18 January 2008 (MP3)

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