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A few of the responses I’ve received from readers.

A Broad in Thailand Reviews“A totally fun read, you will laugh out loud. Super gift for men and women. I bought 12 copies!”
Carol Smith, Corona, CA

“Odette just finished reading your book, ‘A Broad Abroad in Thailand.’ She is not an avid reader, and I was surprised at her interest. She had your book in hand every day, reading a few pages before going off to work, then reading a few pages when she got home, and before going to bed. As she read it, she would recount some of the highlights to me (I have not begun your book because I have about 5 ahead of yours.) It is the first time that I have known her to have such an interest in a book; at least, it is the first time that I noticed her interest. Just thought you should know her reaction. I’ll relay my personal comments when I’ve finished reading it.”
Bob Hurlbert, Palm Desert, CA

“Dodie, I got into our book last night, what a page turner. It’s great and well written, can’t wait to get back to it. Have a successful time in the desert, wish I could be at the tea and lemon drop party.”
Linda Parker, Chelan WA

A Broad in Thailand Excerpts“I am sorry to tell you that I finished reading your book !!!!!! I could not stop.I wish I could go on reading…..It was lovely. I really enjoyed it. It took my mind off things……….. Thanks for sending it to me.”
Francine, Pattaya Beach, Thailand

“Here it is 8:00 p.m. on Thurs. night ( 4 Oct ) and I’m so very sad! The reason I’m so sad is because I just finished reading your book and now I have nothing to look forward to after I get my work done and then settle down to read your book. I loved every page of it. It was interesting and funny, as well as tragic in some areas of the book. I could just see you so plainly on every page of the book.”
Jeannie, Phoenix, AZ

“What a trip…sorry to say it’s over! Reminds me of when I was a kid and our family went to the drive-in theatre. They would give us a sucker as we drove in. I would taste it and lick it and plan to make it last the entire evening… but I always found myself chomping down before the cartoon was over…way too soon! It happened with this book too. I wanted to read a chapter at a time and savor it but found myself flipping to the next chapter and finishing…way too soon! I was entertained and enlightened, what more could I ask…except, where are we going next? ”
Cecelia Nelson, Murrietta, CA

A Broad in Thailand Gallery“I’m about 3/4 way through this book. I will be sad when it’s over! What a hoot! Now I’m dying to visit Thailand. Can’t wait until she finishes the next book! My husband keeps wondering why I’m laughing outloud as I’m reading in bed (when he’s trying to sleep). Dodie’s the Erma Bombeck/Augusten Burroughs with a little Carl Hiaasen thrown in, of Chelan! Thanks for the romp! I will reccommend this to everyone!”
Sherry S. Fisk, Chelan, WA

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book!! It didn’t want it to end!!! It was by far one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read…I can just see you in all those incidents!! I can’t wait for the next one !!!”
Ginger Barton, Oceanside CA

“I read the book in 2 days – could not put it down – loved it. One question – did he actually have a lawsuit and if so, did he win (he should have!) Just curious. . . . I was reading in bed the first night after getting the book and laughed out loud – my husband remarked that nothing could be “that” funny. I told him, “trust me – it can be.”
Gloria Bailey, from the Inamorata, Chelan WA

“Two days ago a group of about 50 women got together for a Southern California signing party for Dodie’s new book. It was a wild success, from Lemon Drop martinis to Dodie’s vivacious reading — both of which were mood-elevating!!!! I’m as busy as any woman but I’d already finished her book 24 hours after the signing party. It was wonderful and I strongly recommend it to anyone. I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting Thailand but it didn’t seem to matter. The story brought Thailand to me! Kudos Dodie… Now quit drinking Lemon Drops and get to work on your next book!”
Donna Harvey, Palm Desert CA

“I am loving your book Dodie. I am halfway through and I can’t put it down! Loving it! Cassie.”
K. Henry

“Just a quick note to tell you that the book arrived….I am already halfway through it and loving every word….it is hilarious. I keep thinking….well, just one more chapter and then I will (fold laundry or some such) but then I get to the end of that chapter and think, oh that next chapter sounds so interesting….just one more……Thanks so much”

“Dodie, I absolutely loved your book!!! I’m not an avid reader, but found myself reading your book every waking moment. My house was a mess, bills unpaid, and children wondering where their mother was but I didn’t care- I had to finish the book! I laughed out loud constantly! I admire your bravery and sense of humor throughout your experiences. I can’t wait until your next book arrives.”
Kim Ferreira

“It was a great book,I had a hard time getting any housework done. Your humor is infectious.Thank you.”
Eleanor Sargent

“In A Broad Abroad in Thailand, Dodie Cross captures the essence of life in Thailand and the eccentricities of expatriate living through this unforgettable memoir! I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it told a similar story of what my own mother experienced when my family lived overseas during my childhood years. I gained a deeper insight into my own family dynamics as I laughed, cried, and journeyed back in time to a place that was very different, but also very akin to what I remember. Dodie, thanks a million for sharing your memories with me! I’m going to preorder your next book today!”
Christine Farnum

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