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Inside Scoop Live Internet Radio Interview

December 2012
Dodie Cross: A Broad Abroad in Iran

Self-Publishing the Hard Way

October 2007
“When you publish a book and send it out into the world, it’s like giving birth to a baby. Everyone checks out your baby. Is it breath-taking? Does it have ten toes and ten fingers? Is it pink and sweet or does it look like an extra from ‘Alien?’ We writers are baring our souls…”

Thanksgiving-Day Memories

November 2007
It’s Thanksgiving morning, 2007, and before I start wailing about what isn’t right in my life, I think I should give thanks for what is right. First of all, of course, would be my husband, children and their children, without whom life would be empty for me. 

Stress-Free Love

December 2007
“Unfortunately, babies don’t come with How-To books. There’s no user’s manual with instructions on operating this howling little person. No tag dangling from a tiny pink toe with instructions on care. Now enter the grandmother. …”

The Svelte Thai Woman and the Won-Sigh Foreigner

December 8th 2007
“… This is their way of saving face – yours. They would never dream to insinuate you were large, fat, obese, or chubby. You just happen to fall into the category of Won Sigh. …”

Author Interview

by Norm Goldman of American Chronicles, January 4th 2008
“… Because I see most of life and circumstances in a humorous vein, I tend to write that way as well. … Mind you, not all things that have happened to me were hilarious, but as time takes it toll, and looking back on the circumstances, I was able to see humour in them. …”


On May 20th 2008, A Broad Abroad in Thailand was awarded First Prize in the Memoir category and Finalist in the Humor category in the Indie Excellence 2008 Book Awards.

Also in 2008, A Broad Abroad in Thailand was awarded Silver in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards at BookExpo America.

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